eoLive is the latest generation real-time customer experience dashboard solution that turns data into real-time actionable intelligence about customer experience by alerting on issues that can impact services along with the number of customers impacted by any issue. eoLive provides real-time actionable intelligence to many groups including NOC/SOC, operations and engineering and gives instant prioritization for people constantly in information overload. • NOC/SOC tool • Proactive monitoring of customer impacting issues • Minimize network and service downtime and increase customer satisfaction
The Importance of Service Assurance Solution in Today’s Subscriber Focused Ecosystem Service Assurance means maintaining the service; timely response to and resolution of customer or network triggered problems, tracking, reporting, managing and taking action to improve performance for all aspects of a service. As a macro activity, service assurance includes many tasks:
  • Fault management
  • Root cause analysis
  • Performance monitoring and alarming
  • Traffic trending
  • Congestion control
Key new features, including mapping support that shows where problems are occurring and displays the number of subscribers impacted by any problem, gives instant prioritization of problems. Key Target Users
  • Customer Care Teams
  • Network Operations

eoLive Features

  • Integrated dashboards and root cause analysis - Easy drilling and flexible KPI configuration that allow jumps from charts into detailed data records, and from raw data records into message details, speeding and simplifying getting to the cause
  • Unique per subscriber analysis and reports
  • Pro-active early detection of network performance issues that cause customer experience problems
  • Genuine real-time Dashboard showing data coming from the network and enriched with external data sources (such as device, location, spend, etc.). Threshold alarming mechanism for triggering early reaction and prevention processes
  • Congestion detection and network bottleneck identification, due to the ability of collecting and correlating KPIs from various network domains
  • Network KPI on Access, Core and VoIP technologies handling a huge amount of data
  • Configurable KPI editor to fit individual needs in terms of network monitoring
Anritsu business expansion has occurred chiefly in the information and communication field. The company's flagship measuring instrument business provides products and services indispensable to the development, manufacture and maintenance of a range of communication systems as typified in mobile phones and the Internet on a global scale. In addition, Anritsu technologies have incorporated into a range of products in other fields, such as IP network equipment, inspection equipment for food and pharmaceutical products, and precision measuring instruments for electronic component. With a foundation afforded by the "Measuring Technologies" accumulated over its history of more than 120 years, Anritsu will continue to contribute to the realization of a safe, secure and comfortable society.

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