Early off-the-shelf DPI solutions were only capable of analyzing a few hundred generic protocols, and unable to understand today’s complex application traffic, which is often encrypted or obfuscated. Given its hardware limitations and the long development cycles, such rudimentary tools remain incapable of keeping pace with complex, new or ever-changing application traffic.

End-to-end Network Intelligence

Niometrics offers network traffic intelligence solutions built on its unique high-performance, high-resolution DPI engine capable of inspecting an industry leading number of applications, protocols and services (6000+), with unprecedented levels of granularity. Deep Network Analytics (DNA) offers an end-to-end Network Intelligence solution designed for large network owners that need to monitor layer-7 and even layer-8 traffic, providing deeper insights into users habits, application usage and threats
Niometrics_Deep Network Analytics

Real-time Network Visualization and Analytics

The current security approach of perimeter based strategy, and especially the collection of logs from a multitude of security devices, has resulted in an information overload for most security analysts. Due to the current trend of leveraging the “Big Data” nature of the network for cyber security, this problem is not likely to be overcome without the latest Network Visualization tools. In a quest to discern the good, bad and grey traffic, security experts are recommending that all critical points on a network be monitored at the application layer. The nature of deep packet inspection creates an unprecedented amount of security events and information for all apps, users, sessions, flows and packets.
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Niometrics has a new breed of network analytics and visualization dashboards and tools to help security analysts spend less time on raw logs and quickly make sense of historical and real-time trends.  Analysts are able to analyze and investigate incidents with immediate drill-down dashboard views, unlimited custom reports and configurable real-time data streams for further big data analysis. This will allow them to make use of actionable intelligence on applications, devices and users to improve their responsiveness to security incidents.
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Richer Data Insight

Hi-resolution Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) • 8,000+ applications • 90+ deep data extraction for key app events (metadata) • 19,000+ devices, including vendor, model and types • Integrated web classification and categorisation (3.75m domains)
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Niometrics is an emerging technology-leader in Network Intelligence. Its mission is to help network owners understand, manage and protect their networks. Its award-winning high resolution traffic inspection technology provides advanced visibility and granular control over network traffic at the application layer.

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