Improve visibility and reliability in your supply chain and logistics.
Asset tracking solution works seamlessly with mobile RFID readers and fixed RFID portals to improve control over asset movement, real time location accuracy and security. Our passive UHF RFID tags are available in a variety of styles suitable for different environments and types of equipment. We can provide flexible non-metal tags, metal tags, plastic tags, and outdoor/indoor tags for use on assets.
- Patient tracking and safety - Doctor tracking and safety - Newborn baby tracking and safety - Elderly care center resident tracking and safety - Hospital asset tracking - RTLS - Ambulance asset tracking
Maintain access control of the vehicles entering your property, by identifying, recognizing and admitting vehicles automatically. Our parking management lets you control entrance and exit rights for vehicles with all of the settings you desire for optimum security and efficiency. Benefits

- Improves parking capacity utilization

- Improves revenue collection

- Prevents unauthorized access and human intervention

- Streamlines parking entry and exit

- Eliminates waiting lines and time spent reaching to card readers

- Saves time and frustration

- Improves customer satisfaction

RFID helps reduce the administrative costs and overhead in event management by automating check-in, visitor identification, and registration processes for both event organizers and attendees Features

- Automated access control with secure identification features

- Lead capturing that can be used for event marketing activities

- Visitor analytics with movement history

- Automated self-registration and check-in

- Geo-fencing sensitive areas and limiting unauthorized access

Benefits - Enhanced accuracy - Ease of setup - Live tracking and results - Split timing - Cost effective

Warehouse Inventory

Personnel Access

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