The requirements for testing application-aware devices are complex and resource-intensive. You need to exercise devices beyond their limits to ensure optimal functionality, performance, availability, and reliability.
To help you prove applications, devices, and services meet business targets, Ixia created 360° test architecture, IxTest. It combines both end-to-end testing with continuous testing to ensure the expected levels of reliability, speed, and security.



End-To-End Testing

End-to-end testing spans every port, machine, and device your application touches—from your data center infrastructure to your customer’s end devices.IxTest solutions enable you to test and validate the scale and performance of the network and the quality of experience of every step in your application’s journey.


Continuous Testing

Continuous testing ensures your application and network are always available and ready. We discover issues before others do—in development, deployment, and operations. Continuous testing helps detect vulnerabilities you might not see in development and verifies operation even after deploying critical patches and updates. Keep your applications alive and operating at peak performance with IxTest.


Ixia’s test products ensure that your applications and services will run reliably, fast, and securely through comprehensive 360° test throughout their lifecycle. Ixia is the only test partner with a comprehensive testing portfolio that covers physical, virtual, wi-fi, and device testing end to end.

IXIA Test Solutions

Hardware And Application




CloudStorm 100GE Application and Security Test Load Module

Cloud-scale application delivery & network security test platform

PerfectStorm 100GE 1-Port

Real-world, high stress testing for 100GbE networks and devices with support for 40GE/10GE fan-out ports

PerfectStorm 40/10GE

High performance application and security load modules

PerfectStorm ONE 10GE/40GE

Enterprise ready portable form factor appliance for testing with 80Gbps of application traffic with 2 40GE QSFP+ ports or 8 10GE SFP+ fan-out ports

400GE QSFP-DD and CFP8 Load Modules

World's first 400GE test solution to speed your time to market

Xcellon-Multis QSFP28 100/50/25GbE

World’s first multi-rate 100/50/25GE test module with native QSFP28 4x100GbE

Novus, Novus-M, & Novus-R QSFP28 100/25GE

High density 100/25GE test solutions designed for large port count 100GE test beds with affordable price and excellent flexibility

Xcellon-Multis CXP 100/40/10GbE

Flexible test coverage at 4x100GE, 12x40GE, 32x10GE multi-rate 100GE/40GE/10GE

Xcellon-Multis CFP4 Enhanced 100GbE

World’s first Native CFP4 100GbE test module, 4x100GbE in a single slot

Xcellon-Lava Dual-Speed 40/100GE HSE Load Module

Lower cost, reduced performance 40GE and 100GE test modules for layer 1-3 test

Xcellon-Flex Combo 10/40GbE

Ultra-high performance, high density layer at 10/40GE speeds on a single slot

Xcellon-Multis QSFP 40/10GbE

Industry’s highest-density 10GbE/40GbE solution for testing Enterprise class network devices

Xcellon-Flex QSFP+ 40GE

High performance 40GbE QSFP+ test solution with 4 ports in a single slot

Novus 5-Speed 10G/5G/2.5G/1G/100M

Industry’s only and highest-density Dual-PHY 5-speed 10G/5G/2.5G/1G/100M solution for ultra-high-scale and performance testing, plus reduced models for packet-blasting

Novus 3-Speed 10G/1G/100M

Industry’s only and highest-density Dual-PHY 3-speed 10G/1G/100M solution for ultra-high-scale and performance testing

Xcellon-Flex 10GbE

Accelerated performance and full emulation models for high density benchmark and protocol testing

Gigabit Ethernet (1GE) XMVDC

4, 8, 12, or 16-port load modules for high performance L2-7 network and application testing


Real-world, high-stress testing for IT infrastructures with 40Gbps of application traffic

PerfectStorm 10/1GE

Real-world, high-stress testing for IT infrastructures with 80Gbps of application traffic

PerfectStorm ONE 1GE/10GE

Enterprise ready portable form factor appliance for real-world, high stress testing up to 80Gbps of application traffic.

Xcellon-Ultra NP

High-stress testing for IT infrastructures with 10Gbps of application traffic

IxVeriWave WaveBlade Wi-Fi Modules

World's gold-standard for high performance Wi-Fi testing

Network Emulator II

Precision test instrument for 10GbE, 1GbE, and 100MbE Ethernet impairment that enables IT to accurately emulate network conditions that occur over live production LAN/WAN networks


XGS12-HS & XGS12-HSL Chassis

12-Slot, 11RU, Rackmount Chassis

XGS12-SD Chassis

12-slot modular chassis, highest port density Ethernet test system

XGS2 Chassis Platform

2-slot, 3RU modular bench-top test chassis

IxVeriWave Chassis

12-slot rackmount and 2-slot modular wi-fi chassis

Metronome Timing System

Time-Synchronized Testing


Application Controller

Optimization of test application performance

BreakingPoint/BreakingPoint VE

Validate the security posture of your networks with real applications and complete range of threat vectors

IxLoad/IxLoad VE

Measure the quality of experience of real-time, business-critical applications with converged multiplay service emulations

IxNetwork/IxNetwork VE

Validate the scale, performance and resilience of hyper-scale data centers


Instantly assess performance of complex network infrastructures, including the public cloud


Validate protocol compliance and interoperability


The industry’s only solution purpose-built for ‘pre-silicon’ testing

Ixia IoT

Characterize and optimize IoT devices under real-world deployment conditions


Achieve high-performing WLAN Networks through comprehensive Wi-Fi testing

IxLoad Wireless

Test end-to-end performance of wireless LTE networks and components with emulation of multiplay services


Helps developers find bugs early in the development cycle with agile application performance and security resilience test tool

We make applications stronger.
Ixia provides testing, visibility, and security solutions, strengthening applications across physical and virtual networks for enterprises and governments, service providers and network equipment manufacturers (NEMs).
Ixia helps customers manage the unpredictable world of IT and protects them against security threats through actionable insight into the performance, stability and security of their applications and networks. Whether it is testing a product, validating the integrity of a security infrastructure or monitoring a real-time operation, Ixia can help.
Customers worldwide rely on Ixia’s solutions to verify their designs, optimize their performance, and ensure protection. Ixia offers companies trusted environments in which to develop, deploy, and operate

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