Starhome Mach’s Next Generation Intelligent Preferred Network™ (NG-IPN) solution provides operators with the ultimate tool to optimize their traffic steering results to meet wholesale discount agreements.

Using a full set of features that extend the capabilities of the solution, Next Generation Intelligent Preferred Network is the first fully automated Steering of Roaming (SoR) solution that monitors, detects and steers roamers to achieve operator targets, match goals and action plans.

The solution provides operators with an immediate snapshot of usage status and distribution of roamers across all networks in each visited country. The automated solution provides efficient traffic steering results by focusing on usage and roamer distribution.

Starhome Mach’s steering solution can be offered with any of the following alternative steering solutions :

  • Network Control (SS7 and LTE)
  • SIM-operated – Network Control
  • Hybrid solution

IPN LTE This fully automated Steering of Roaming (SoR) product helps operators achieve optimal steering results and meet wholesale discount agreements in LTE and hybrid environments. It recognizes LTE registrations and complies with Circuit Switch (CS) fallback scenarios. IPN LTE also controls 4G devices and SIM PLMN lists, and dynamically sets the preferred partner according to the location, business targets, access technology and device in use.

Capabilities :

  • Provides standard roamers steering
  • Provides advanced revenue-based steering
  • Detects anti-steering of roaming activities
  • Uses QoS KPIs to improve steering
  • Solves  international and national border roaming
  • Provides immediate feedback on revenue and distribution in each network or profile
  • User-friendly web GUI provisioning
  • Detailed reporting and snapshots of usage status and distribution of preferred networks

Benefits :

  • Optimizes roaming revenues and IOT discount agreements
  • IOT negotiation and steering execution capabilities
  • Ensures execution of set goals during a set time
  • Provides immediate online feedback on actual revenue and roamer distribution in each network or profile.
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