MYCOM OSI helps Communications Service Providers (CSPs) manage Customer Experience, evolve to Network Virtualization and deliver Digital/IoT services. Trusted by the world's largest CSP group operators, its innovative technology platform embraces the digital services era, is ready for Cloud deployment and is built using the latest Cloud technologies and Agile development methodologies
As Communications Service Providers (CSPs) face a new generation of challenges in the era of digital services, virtualization and Internet of Things – as well as competitive and cost pressures – they seek to deploy a Next Generation NOC/SOC that is customer-aware, fast, efficient and future-proofed against new technologies. MYCOM OSI helps CSPs deploy a Next Generation NOC/SOC by building on the core capabilities of its Experience Assurance and Analytics™ platform to deliver: . Deliver customer centricity . Enable proactive and preventative operations . Increase productivity with automation Solve complex incidents with guided diagnostics
Next Generation NOC/SOCs use an early warning system comprised of multiple “pattern sensors” that constantly monitor and analyze data in near real-time streams of incoming network and service data. These sensors run automated tasks and algorithms across the data to identify precursors of potential degradations and failures, such as shifts in traffic, capacity and utilization as well as changes in parameterization. MYCOM OSI solutions include: . Early Warning System™ . Early Congestion Detector™ . Parameter Auditor™
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Next Generation NOC/SOCs are continuously required to improve mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to repair (MTTR) KPIs, increase their capability of managing higher complexity degradations, and to increase preventative maintenance MYCOM OSI guided diagnostic solutions increase the ability to manage complex problems and solve increasingly complex degradations by encapsulating analytical workflows that speed up complex analysis tasks. MYCOM OSI solutions include: . Worst Cell Analyzer™ . Worst Cluster Analyzer™ . Mobile Backhaul Analyzer™ . Traffic and Capacity Analyzer for Wireless™
MYCOM OSI automation solutions help NOC/SOC personnel be more productive by automating repetitive, mundane and more complex tasks so that they can focus on higher-value activities. The automation solutions are open and programmable with user defined stop/go human intervention gates so that operators have full control of how much of their processes they want to automate. MYCOM OSI solutions include: . Service Assurance-driven NFV Orchestrator™ . SQM Automation™ . Special Event Management™
As network, services, and customers are monitored and correlated, the Next Generation NOC/SOC prioritizes degradations of corporate customer services and helps safeguard their service quality. When network or service faults do occur they are prioritized by customer service level and value, and the customer can be proactively informed of status to manage customer expectations and satisfaction.   MYCOM OSI solutions include: . Service Quality Analyzer™ . Value-based Prioritization™ . Corporate Customer Impact™ for Wireless
MYCOM OSI has over 25 years of service assurance expertise in telecomand a clear roadmap for innovation. The company is developing monitoring and QoS management capabilities to facilitate automated NFV orchestration and changes to the radio access network (e.g. 5G) as well as the changes required to enable telcos to support the IoT.

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