Mobile operators are adopting LTE at a rapid pace, as subscriber demand for mobile data continues to rise. Deploying LTE roaming however; is an expensive, time-consuming effort when you consider the need to maintain 3G roaming whilst agreeing and rolling out new 4G roaming agreements. Starhome Mach offers a complete LTE ready product portfolio that enables fast and cost effective LTE roaming across hybrid environments, develops and grows LTE roaming revenue opportunities and enhances the customer’s roaming experience.

Sparx LTE

Sparx LTE is a campaign management product that helps operators to promote specific LTE services and packages.

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IPN LTE (Intelligent Preferred Network)
Starhome Mach’s Next Generation Intelligent Preferred Network™ (NG-IPN) solution provides operators with the ultimate tool to optimize their traffic steering results to meet wholesale discount agreements.
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